Dr. Robert Fitzpatrick, DVM

It was in 5th grade that I got a calling to become a veterinarian. I had just finished a book for a class book report, on short stories about people who took care of sick or injured wildlife and pets. A very clear and strong feel went through me that said I was going to be an animal doctor. I never varied from that course.

In high school the opportunity to work at the Todd Animal Hospital in Rio Grande, NJ came my way and I worked there for free for 2 years with Dr William Todd. That was a tremendous experience and I knew this was for me. Dr George Belloff bought the practice in 1970, and I remained working for him as a vet assistant/tech all the way through college and vet school.

My veterinary school training took me too many varied and excellent experiences. Part of my education was in the Dominican Republic and ultimately I graduated from the Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. I loved veterinary school.

After graduation from Purdue I came back to Cape May County and worked as a vet with Dr Belloff for a year before returning to academia for a while, to continue veterinary studies at the University of Georgia and the Louisiana State University. 

Once I finally left academia I returned to NJ to run the surgical unit at an animal hospital in Northern New Jersey before landing back home in Cape May County to open The Abri Animal Hospital in 1990. I have been blessed to be living a career that I love, in my hometown where i grew up.