Nicole Mastalski, CVT

Pets: Sadie (Lab), Pirate (Cat), Bubba and Echo (Mini Horses), Scrat (Bearded Dragon)

Nicole starting working at Abri in the Spring of 1991, about 6 months after we opened! Nicole is our Head Technician and is a Certified Vet Tech which means that she passed all of the appropriate schooling and testing to be licensed by the state of NJ. Along with managing the hospital and its staff, Nicole is a skilled Dental Technician who has received multiple complements from lead Veterinary Dentists on her radiographic technique. Her other work related duties include patient advocacy, client relations, pre/post operative patient monitoring, surgical assisting (orthopedic surgeries, laparoscopic surgeries, and more), phlebotomy, radiology, staff management, and many more. Nicole, along with her husband, is a avid falconer and considers this to be one of the many passions of her life. Nicole has two children, Olivia and Michael and devotes every second that she can to make sure that they are happy and loved. Nicole also loves any out door activity, especially when she is able to do it with her family. Any long time client not only knows Nicole but will vouch for us when we say she is the best of the best. Nicole is an asset to Abri and she is what keeps the “behind the scenes” of Abri running so smoothly. She has been with us since the beginning and we can only hope that she will be with us until the end.